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Brand Extensions

Budgeting Mobile App

This app allows for people to easily update their budget while out buying items like groceries or going to the movies. The main screen provides a snapshot of the month’s spending. Users may also scan barcodes while at the store to keeps an accurate count of their groceries prior to check out. They can check how a purchase impacts their budget prior to buying it.

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App More Screen.png
App Scanner.png

Financial Workshops

These workshops vary in length and subject to accommodate as many people as possible. They include topics like home buying, basic money, investing, and bank functions and options. Attendees receive swag while there to help them maintain their financial plan on their own.

Workshop Swag.png
Workshop Area.png

Time Locked Piggy Bank

This piggy bank is time locked and cannot be opened until a preset date and time. This makes users save money and invest wisely. It acts like a visual reminder on how money in the bank is meant to be saved. With the advanced digital technology, this piggy bank is actually a touchscreen, like a glass display. Just touch the pig’s snout to turn it on.

Piggy Bank Front.png
Piggy Bank Left Side.png
Piggy Bank Right Side.png
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